Looking for a walk in the volcanoes of Auvergne? Suitable for families with young children, this educational trail offers 1 to 2 hours of free mini-adventure all year round. “La pierre qui chime” are 7 entertainment stations over 1,2 km. Children can have fun discovering volcanoes, landscapes, the history of the Auvergne village of Rochefort-Montagne...

Find here how to discover all the secrets of the ringing stone!

A walk in the volcanoes of Auvergne for the whole family

The village of Rochefort is located in the heart of Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park. The ringing stone trail runs from the bottom of the hillock of the old castle of Rochefort-Montagne to the panorama over the village. During this short walk over a distance of approximately 1,2 kilometres, children will discover 7 activity stations.

The trail mascot is a stone Pierrette Lalauze“. Lost on the hill of Rochefort-Montagne, alone and without memory, she would like to go home. The character is linked to the use of slate stones, extracted from the quarries of Tuilière rock. Slate was used to cover the roofs so characteristic of the surroundings of Rochefort-Montagne. The journey of "Pierrette Lalauze starts at the edge of the river and ends at the very top, at the level of the belvedere.

A free outdoor mini-adventure

With this easy walk, a real adventure awaits families with young children.

An educational trail for families

More than a stroll, the ringing stone trail is a real educational trail. To help the mascot recover his memory, the children will have to find information about the territory.

There are different themes throughout the 7 entertainment stations:

  • the river and the power of water (hydraulic energy, mills)
  • the meadow (shepherds shelters, transhumance and local breeds)
  • cultivation terraces (terrace cultivation, dry stone walls)
  • the caves (caves of volcanic origin dug by man, the origin of the rock)
  • the esplanade (the origin of the slates, volcanism in all its forms
  • the ruins (the castle, medieval history)
  • the belvedere (the history of the village, the shaping of the landscape)

Each theme is followed by activities suitable for children.

On video !

A walk in the volcanoes of Auvergne in digital version

In addition, the path can be practiced in digital version with the application “the secrets of the ringing stone”. The visit is available in two ways:  

  • A treasure hunt mode
  • A guided hike through the 7 activity stations

Download the application “the secrets of the ringing stone”


In the heart of the village of Rochefort-Montagne,

over a distance of around 1,2 km, the ringing stone educational trail allows families and groups to access 7 activity stations. To discover the volcanoes, the landscapes... while having fun!

An educational outing for schoolchildren

Also intended for schoolchildren, this educational outing is suitable for the first three school cycles. You will find in the educational notebook produced by the ONF, 7 themes followed by activities to do on site or on the sidelines of the visit.

Florence Pertille
trail entrance

Access to the educational trail

  • Meeting point "rue des écoles" in Rochefort Montagne, next to the children's playground
  • Free parking
  • Picnic tables and public toilets nearby (playground)


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