The snowy image of Auvergne often comes to mind when we think of this region. And yet, in the summer, the Auvergne VolcanSancy territory is adorned with a superb green mantle and transports visitors to a whole new tourist experience. From paragliding to running to canyoning, there are many activities to do in Auvergne from March, when the last snow has melted. Discover some of the activities in Auvergne for a successful summer. Organize your program as best as possible during a stay in June, July or August in the southwest of Puy-de-Dôme.

Activities to do in Auvergne in summer

The diversity of the natural landscapes of the Auvergne volcanoes allows you to explore many outdoor leisure activities. It is also a way to rediscover them in a dream setting, between lakes, mountains and forests.

What better way to discover landscapes without snow than to book a walk with sleigh dogs ? Cani-rando is the ideal outing to share a unique moment of bonding with the animals, while enjoying the warm colors of summer between the Chaîne des Puys and the Sancy massif. It is also a perfect activity if you are visiting with your family and are looking for activities to do in Auvergne with the children.

A fan of strong sensations? Climb the Tuilière rock or the Châteauneuf rock for a day climbing. If you are looking for an activity in Auvergne for the summer, you can also book a horseback ride by choosing the horse riding, or even trail running on nature trails.

Want to surpass yourself? Paragliding or hot-air balloon flights are as many air sports proposed above the volcanoes of Auvergne.

To sharpen your sense of direction, book a orienteering and work on your team communication skills: an ideal choice for a seminar or with the family.

Unusual ideas for activities in Auvergne in summer

During a summer stay near the Puy de Sancy or the Chaîne des Puys, you may want to choose outdoor sports that are out of the ordinary. For example, suggest to your children a day of zip line or tree climbing in the Regional Natural Park of the Volcanoes of Auvergne!


Another atypical idea for an activity in Auvergne in summer

gold panning. This practice consists of prospecting the rivers to find gold flakes. A guide will accompany you on a river and will teach you how to pan. A golden opportunity to discover geology as well as an original activity.

Do you have a sporty soul? In this case, take advantage of Rapids Auvergne to indulge in water sports, such as canoeing or canyoning. The rivers of the region allow many practices with strong sensations.

white water in Auvergne, canyoning the tower of Auvergne

Other activities to do in the summer in Auvergne VolcanSancy are offered by our partners. Find out more at our reception desks and explore all the pleasures offered by the summer season in Puy-de-Dôme!

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