in Rochefort-Montagne

Le puy d'Ébert

Rochefort-Montagne, capital of fourme, is the kingdom of Ferrandaise cows, Frisian black pie or Montbéliardes who feast on high altitude grass. Beautiful views of the Puy d'Ébert, the Puys chain and the grandiose Tuilière and Sanadoire rocks.
Topo / step by step

1/ Head towards the church, walk alongside the cemetery and take the path opposite. Go straight ahead, ignoring side paths, until you reach the road at the entrance to Gioux. Cross and continue opposite on the small road for 800m to reach a path on the right between fences going up towards the Puy d'Ebert.

2/ Take it and, at the cross path in the woods, go left. The path goes around the Puy d'Ebert, turns to the right, climbing towards the summit without reaching it, and goes down to a tarmac path. Continue downhill to the right until you reach the D216 road.

3/ Cross and follow the wide path opposite (view of the Puys chain) to Montcheneix. Turn right, cross the square (cross and bread oven), take the road on the left then immediately the one on the right. Continue rue du Château d'Eau then rue de la Forge. After a wash/watering trough, go down to the right until you reach a cross.

4/ Continue descending to the left on the small road which turns into a path. Pass under the power line, and go straight on to Saint-Martin-de-Tours. Cross the D216, go opposite rue des Fontaines then turn left onto rue de l'Ancienne Ecole. Turn right then left and follow the tarmac path on the right which goes around the village. Pass in front of the stone cross and reach the starting point on the right.

Tips and Suggestions

– View of the Tuilière and Sanadoire rocks, the Ordanche banne.
– Puy d’Ebert.
– View of the Puys chain.

Route details

Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
DifficultyModerateDuration02hElevation200 D +Distance6,5 kmMax Altitude985 m
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