The destination for a quiet weekend in Auvergne

Are you looking for a soothing place for a weekend alone, as a couple or as a family, close to nature? The Auvergne VolcanSancy territory, located to the west of Clermont-Ferrand and going from Sancy to the Puys chain, encompassing the Artense plateau and the Avèze gorges, forms a natural region of Auvergne with undeniable assets.

Located in the Massif Central in the center of France, this destination is full of treasures worthy of a true haven of peace. If you want to organize a weekend in Auvergne in a pleasant atmosphere, conducive to relaxation, you can recharge your batteries in the volcano park, where the notion of time is lost and where nature is omnipresent.

Fill up on energy in a wild setting with a stroll on the Artense plateau or at the lake of La Tour d'Auvergne and book a family stay in Auvergne that will remain etched in our memories. At each stage of the organization of your stay in Auvergne, we guide you around a destination that will not fail to surprise you. If you are looking for calm, the Auvergne VolcanSancy and its 27 villages are the ideal choice!

Our destination

The idyllic location on the western slope of the Massif du Sancy and the Chaîne des Puys is the perfect setting for an original stay in Auvergne, worthy of a daydream! Thanks to our network of partners, we give you all the keys to organize a breathtaking program, which will take you away from everyday life.

Selecting accommodation activities, select the best options to make your family stay in Auvergne an extraordinary moment. In particular, you can spice up your weekend in Auvergne as close as possible to the volcanoes du Sancy by booking a hot-air balloon ride, or by reserving a table in a gourmet restaurant. You can also set off to discover the historical treasures of the region, thanks to a unique architectural heritage (the basilica of Orcival, the burons of Auvergne, etc.). In a word, during an unusual stay in Auvergne, boredom does not exist!

The destination for family stays in Auvergne

Do you want to stay in Auvergne with your whole family? Here again, the Auvergne VolcanSancy territory is the destination that lends itself to your projects! Many hiking trails for all levels as well as activities for children and to share in groups are offered to you in the south-west of Puy-de-Dôme. Whether in summer with swimming or in winter with walks in the SNOW, you will easily find something to occupy the youngest while offering a real moment of relaxation to the parents. And what could be better than a weekend in Auvergne to get together with family?

The mountainous landscapes, the lakes (Guery, Servieres…) and tasty traditional meals with PDO cheeses are all elements that strengthen ties during a family stay in Auvergne. From the simplest holidays to an unusual stay in Auvergne, stock up on memories!

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