The Tuilière and Sanadoire rocks are the remains of two volcanoes forming part of the Sancy-Monts Dore complex eroded by glaciers.

Two rocks, remains of two volcanoes

All that remains is the chimney (Tuilière) and a piece of cone (Sanadoire) separated by a trough valley. They mark the limit between the Monts Dores and the Banne d'Ordanche massif and emerge in the Cirque du Chausse, at the foot of the Col du Guéry. They limit the Fontsalade valley (in a trough) and are formed by two lava bases which were cleared by the glacier which occupied the circus.

View of the tuilière and sanadoire rocks in the fall

The regular prisms, born from the slow cooling of the lava, disintegrate into thin and regular plates, the slates. They were used for a long time to cover the roofs of houses and churches in a large area, thus giving its name to the Tuilière rock. The Tuilière rock is also a climbing site.

Roche Sanadoire in the fall

The Sanadoire rock culminates at 1290 m. It carried until the 1477th century a castle reputed to be impregnable. It served as a hideout for mercenaries (road), brought by the English, who ravaged the region during the Hundred Years War. A collapse of the summit part (certainly due to the earthquake of XNUMX, which strongly shook the region and damaged the Basilica of Orcival), completely erased the traces.

The Sanadoire rock or "sounding rock", because the phonolite resonates when it is struck.

In the village of Rochefort-Montagne, about ten kilometers away, an interpretation trail with an environmental, fun and educational vocation has been laid out. The path “the secrets of the ringing stone” extends from the bottom of the hillock of the old castle of Rochefort-Montagne to the panorama of the village. The course of approximately 1,5 km is dotted with themed entertainment stations.


During many hikes, you will be able to enjoy views of the Tuilière and Sanadoire rocks.

You can also discover the Tuilière and Sanadoire rocks by following the discovery trail Terra Alta, departing from Cap Guéry Mountain Center.

You will reach the wooden footbridges dominating the rocks.


In winter version

Whatever the season, the panorama over the Tuilière and Sanadoire rocks is always sublime.


From Orcival, towards Mont-Dore (D27), drive 7 km.
Parking in the car park at Col de Guéry.
Landscaped vantage point with a panorama of the two rocks.

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