The Auvergne VolcanSancy region, to the south-west of Puy-de-Dôme, from the reservoir of the Bort-les-Orgues dam in the south to Gelles and Mazayes in the north, includes the most beautiful volcanoes in Auvergne, in particular the Chaîne des Puys in Auvergne and Puy de Sancy, the highest point of the Monts Dore. During your stay in the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Natural Park, you will enjoy exploring the mountains and craters and observing the local geology. Visits to the volcanoes of Auvergne in the Puy-de-Dôme will make your holiday dizzying: enjoy it as a couple or as a family!

Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park: a privileged setting

What could be better for a visit to the volcanoes of Auvergne than to observe them in the heart of a preserved site? the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park comprises 400 hectares of exceptional land, divided into 000 natural regions. This gigantic space of fauna and flora is also a geological high place. You will discover various walks in the volcanoes of Auvergne through 5 volcanic massifs and the Artense plateau: the opportunity to go back to basics while discovering the geological history of the Auvergne VolcanSancy territory. The biodiversity and the calm of a breathtaking environment are so many treasures of the park, also endowed with authentic villages and lodges as close as possible to the volcanoes of Auvergne.

View of the Puy chain from the top of the Puy de Dôme

The Sancy massif: holidays in Auvergne on the highest volcano

At 1885 meters above sea level, the Puy de Sancy is the highest point in the Massif Central. From its summit, you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the Monts du Cantal, the Cézallier and the Monts Dore: an exceptional panorama that marks the culmination of a superb hike in the volcanoes of Auvergne. Tourism in the Massif of Sancy is also possible, as well as sports activities. Indeed, the site has 2 ski resorts and a rich historical and culinary heritage. Winter and summer, the Puy de Sancy offers something to satisfy your eyes and your curiosity, with in particular the ice falls, the tooth of the Grudge or the rock of Chabane.

Village of St Donat at the foot of Sancy

The Chaîne des Puys: a visit to the volcanoes of Auvergne on a site listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

With 80 volcanoes and its famous Limagne fault, the Chain of Puys d'Auvergne and Puy-de-Dôme is THE unmissable destination of the Auvergne VolcanSancy territory. This area, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, promises you memorable visits to the volcanoes of Auvergne, for all levels of difficulty. The particularity of the Chaîne des Puys is most certainly the geological diversity and the volcanic history of the site. In addition to walks in the volcanoes of Auvergne, this set of reliefs also includes various lakes. Choose a rental in the volcanoes of Auvergne near the lake of Servières or Guéry and enjoy an unforgettable family stay.

From the top of the puy de dome, view of the chain of puys

Visit the volcanoes of Auvergne and the Artense plateau: a stay in the heart of nature

During your holidays in the volcanoes of Auvergne for tourism, sports or relaxation, don't forget to take a ride on the Artense plateau. This site is part of the regional natural park of the volcanoes of Auvergne and is particularly appreciated by nature lovers. Located to the south-west of Sancy, this granite plateau brings together peat bogs, meadows, moors and woods, as well as wetlands rich in fauna and flora. The walks are on paths bordered by pretty dry stone walls and cross typical villages of the region. A real spectacle for the eyes!

The artense plateau and its dry stone walls

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