Auvergne is a multi-faceted volcanic region and one of its strengths is the diversity and beauty of its natural lakes. The region has nearly a dozen of them, among which the lake of Guéry, the lake of Servières, the lake of the Tour d'Auvergne and the lake of Labessette constitute a unique heritage.

Natural lakes to enjoy an exceptional setting

Living the experience of a walk around the lakes of Auvergne is a magical and unforgettable moment. Lake Guéry, considered the highest lake in the Auvergne massif, culminates at more than 1240 meters. Formed by the volcanic network, it is recognizable by its perfectly oval contours.
Also located in the Mont Dore ranges, the lake of Servières developed in the crater of an ancient volcano. Surrounded by a superb forest of fir trees, this natural site is recommended for outdoor activities and the observation of fauna and flora. Activities and swimming in Auvergne, in these two lakes, are however prohibited.

The most beautiful beaches in Auvergne

With a beach labeled Blue Flag, the lake of La Tour d'Auvergne is renowned for its high quality facilities. It offers a supervised bathing area in Auvergne ideal for children, in the heart of a beautiful natural site, the starting point for walking tours. This bathing place in Auvergne is very popular from the first fine days. In 2024, the municipality did not request the renewal of its Blue Flag label.

The beaches of Auvergne are open to the practice of fishing and some water sports. the Labessette Lake, bounded by the Bort-les-Orgues dam, is very popular with fishermen. Swimming is not supervised on this lake. These lakes allow you to relax, picnic and are the starting point for beautiful walks.

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