Located at an altitude of 1200m, Lake Servières is a crater lake. Labeled Sensitive Natural Area because it is fragile, in particular due to the presence of aquatic grass beds, it is nevertheless possible to enjoy it while respecting it. This wild site is a delight for hikers.

Welcome to Lac Servières

The Servières lake tour is ideal for a family outing with children. Panels offer educational information on this Sensitive Natural Space. It also has picnic tables for a moment of relaxation.

In all seasons enjoy Lake Servières

D. Gonthier

On the GR30

Many hikes lead to the lake of Servières. By taking the GR30 “the tour of the lakes”, enjoy a view of the lake of Servières with the chain of Puys in the background.


Lac Servières is located 8 km from the village of Orcival, on the road leading to Mont Dore and the Col du Guéry (D 983).


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