Le puy de Sancy

The highest point of the Massif Central at 1,885 metres, le Puy de Sancy is one of the mountain peaks comprising les Monts Dore, the highest chain of volcanic origin in metropolitan France.


Le Puy de Sancy is a mountainous area with steep slopes and various jagged crests. It is highly-rated by experienced hikers, skiers and climbers. The Dore and Dogne streams originate on the sides of Le Sancy, creating the River Dordogne which flows for 483 km until forming the Gironde estuary and emptying into the Atlantic. During the 19th century, le Puy de Sancy was known as le Puy de la Croix, to where the inhabitants of the parish of St-Donat (Sancy Artense) travelled as pilgrims on 6th August, Saint-Sixtus’s day, the eve of Saint-Donat’s day. So people became accustomed to saying that they were going to le Puy de Saint-Sixte (which in local dialect is Pè de San Chi, which became Sancy). And this was how le Puy de Sancy came into being.