It is in St-Donat that the volcanic massif of Sancy and the granitic plateau of Artense come together.

church of saint donat

The village of Saint Donat

This village is located at the crossroads of volcanic massif of Sancy and granitic plateau of Artense. The Romanesque church is classified as a Historic Monument (altarpiece in polychrome wood and coat of arms of La Vassin, the former abbey). 
At 300m. from the village, from the top of the hill stands thea statue of Our Lady of Fatima. You will discover a 360° panorama of the Monts Dore (Sancy), Cézallier, Haute Auvergne (Cantal) and Limousin.

Reaper on the village square of Saint-Donat

The statue of the reaper

For almost forty years, the Saint-Donat festival committee has been organizing a mowing competition with a scythe. This event promotes, with the local population and visitors, this traditional practice of haymaking work to cut mountain grass, which was very common until after the last war. The idea came to François Marion (former mayor) to inscribe this practice in the stone of Volvic, by erecting a statue of a reaper in Volvic stone on the village square. The statue, weighing 4,5 tons, the work of Dorian Paret for the draft and Thierry Courtadon for the finish, was installed on June 12, 2020 on the village square. She wears François' first name engraved on her hat, a tribute to the initiator of the project but also to the quarryman who extracted the initial block of 9 tonnes. 

Also discover Jouvion peat bog, Sensitive Natural Area. 

Feast of St. Sixtus

A date to remember, the patronal feast of St-Sixte which, under the sign of folklore and peasant tradition, takes place on August 7 or the following Sunday each year.

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From the hill of Fatima, view of the village of Saint-Donat.

Your stay in Saint-DONAT

Village map

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