Whether you are planning to create or take over original accommodation, open a local products business, develop a new tourist activity or promote production specific to our territory, we are here to support you in this entrepreneurial adventure.

Explore opportunities

Our experience with our network of around 250 partners allows us to know the current tourist trends on the territory Dômes Sancy Artense and nearby areas, such as the Sancy massif or the Chaîne des Puys. We are available to discuss the following themes: marketing, distribution of your information, communication, digital, etc.

Depending on the nature of your project, we will open the doors to dedicated organizations that we consult regularly (communities, consular offices, labels, etc.). This way, you will be able to go further in defining your program (financing opportunities, management, labeling, etc.).

Our privileged partner is the Economic Life service of the Dômes Sancy Artense Community of Communes.

Domes Sancy Artense
Mickael Mussard
Florian Pinault

Any questions?

Contact Florian PINAULT, Partnership Manager – Stay Advisor by phone 04 73 65 91 01 or by email.

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