Group play
David Gonthier


Group play

Being a partner means adhering to a common project and using tools mostly funded by the community.

Tools created by the Tourist Office for your customers
David Gonthier


Make your customers' holidays easier

Filling your accommodation is good! Offering a complete and varied experience to your customers is better!!!

We are setting up, with the help of our partners: a website with online booking, a summer entertainment program, reception areas, etc.



Improve your visibility

Integration with the Apidae database, site, printed editions such as the Activities and Discoveries Guide or the Producers and Artisans Map, home screens, etc. So many tools that bring you closer to your future customers.

2022 Partners Meeting
Anne Monier


Benefit from the services of the Tourist Office

Appointments for Partners, Digital Workshops, tips and advice: reserved for Partners and free!



Claim an Auvergne VolcanSancy identity

Being a partner of the Tourist Office means integrating the image of its service into a whole to clarify the message to future holidaymakers in our territory!

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