in Rochefort-Montagne

La Roche Branlante d'Orcival

In the land of fourmes de Rochefort, the Fonsalade valley immerses us in a wild nature where we discover a cliff (8 m) of fibrous beige pumice and the "Roche Branlante" an enormous block of sancyte (lava) balanced on others.
Tips and Suggestions

– Bread oven and pumice outcropping.
– View of Roches Tuilière and Sanadoire.
– La Roche Branlante.
– View of the Chaîne des Puys.

Topo / step by step

1/ From the departure sign, take Chemin du Limbeau, pass between the houses then follow Chemin de la Plane on the right for 1 km. Turn left onto a wide path going up between the meadows. Continue to the first house in the Largillier village.

2/ Go right. At the road, immediately take the path on the right (view of the Tuilière and Sanadoire rocks). Find the road which you follow to the right until La Gratade (Bread oven).

3/ Stay on the same road and at the fork turn left onto the road to Chez Chocol (view of the Tuilière and Sanadoire rocks). Cross the hamlet straight on via the rickety rock road. After an agricultural building, at the intersection, go right on a path until you reach “la roche branlante”.

4/ Go up to the right to access the site (30 min return). Return to the initial route (view of the Puys chain) and continue to the right on the grassy path. At an intersection with a stony path, go right until you reach the road.

5/ Turn left in front of the mission cross, enter Rochefort-Montagne, pass in front of the market then go up the Grand Rue on the left, then the route du foirail to reach the start.

Route details

Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
DifficultyModerateDuration03hElevation359 D- ​​/ 356 D+Distance11,5 kmMax Altitude1085 m
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