Before 1789, the abbey of Saint-Alyre de Clermont and the cathedral chapter owned relatively large properties in Saint Pierre Roche.

The village of Saint-Pierre-Roche

The town is located 856 m above sea level and has 423 inhabitants. The Chapter of Orcival collected the tithe there and appointed the priest. The parish was part of the seigneury of Rioux, whose castle of Rioux (15th century) was located north of Saint-Pierre, built on basalt organs. It was remodeled in the 19th century, today only a few ruins remain in PR. Dedicated to Saint-Pierre and oriented north-south, the current church replaced the Romanesque church in 1870. In 1502, fleeing the plague that was raging in Orcival, the canons of the Chapter came to take refuge in Saint-Pierre. In neo-Gothic style, the nave and the choir are vaulted with cut warheads. You can admire a few statues of saints in gilded wood and a pieta (statue of the Virgin carrying the body of Christ on her knees). 

View of the village of st pierre roche and the chain of puys

The Calvary of Saint-Pierre-Roche

Accessible by a winding path, the Calvary overlooks the village church and cemetery. A Lourdes grotto with a Marian statuette has been set up in the rock. 

The Church of Massagettes is a vicarial chapel dependent on Saint-Pierre. Of modest dimensions, its architecture is sober and harmonious. Statues are located in the choir, the barrel-vaulted nave is punctuated by transverse arches. 
In the hamlet of Prades, you can contemplate a molded lava cross (dated 1095) with a naive Christ surmounted by a chalice.
The banks of the Sioulot lend themselves magnificently well to fishing.

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Sunrise over the Puys chain.

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Village map

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