Saint Bonnet near Orcival and its 11 hamlets are located at an altitude of 830 m. They bring together 441 inhabitants. In calm and pleasant valleys flow the Sioule, the Sioulot and the Gorce.

The village of Saint-Bonnet Near Orcival 

The village takes its name from "Bonitus", bishop of Clermont in the 1789th century. The discovery around shards, a millstone may be pre-Roman and a polished stone ax testify to an ancient settlement. Until XNUMX, the territory of Saint-Bonnet was divided into several seigniories: two of them are at the origin of the construction of the castles of Voissieux and Polagnat, today private properties. 

Village of Saint Bonnet near Orcival

The Church of Saint-Bonnet Near Orcival

Built in the 1870th century, the church was rebuilt in the 683s, but retains a turret which would indicate that it was fortified. Saint-Bonnet, his patron, former bishop of Clermont from 699 to XNUMX died in Lyon and his remains were brought back to Auvergne on the back of mules and sewn into goatskin. Miracles had taken place in the villages where the procession stopped. This great traveler gave his name to the many localities he passed through. His statue is to the left of the entrance to the church. The so-called neo-Romanesque porch is made up of several arches falling on small columns.

Calvary of St Bonnet near Orcival

The Calvary of Saint-Bonnet near Orcival

Le Calvary, built at the top of a hill in 1925 then restored in 1983, offers a splendid panorama over the Chain of volcanic hills. A Stations of the Cross, starting from the bottom of the hill, retraces the scenes of the Passion in 14 stations. Different hikes are possible from the church, and allow you to discover the surrounding countryside and the hamlets of Saint Bonnet, while enjoying a breathtaking view of the Chaîne des Puys.

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From the calvary of Saint-Bonnet-Près-Orcival, a panorama opens up over the Chaîne des Puys.

You can consult the webcam from Saint-Bonnet near Orcival and see the weather forecast on the Puys chain. 

Your stay in Saint-Bonnet-Pres-Orcival

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