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Small heritage in Nébouzat

Do not miss, if you like the small heritage, the cross of Croze. All its interest lies in its basement covered with engraved characters. Although the date 1729 appears, this cross certainly belonged to an old cemetery, as evidenced by the oral tradition of the village. The cross, of circular section, is made up of two assembled elements. A Christ is summarily represented on both sides. The ends of the arms of the cross are decorated with circles. The base of the cross, of frustoconical shape, is divided into two registers. It ends with a molding in its upper part while a flat band, bearing the date of 1729, underlines the base. A small niche is dug between the Virgin and the Magi who presents his gift. It may have been used to house a lantern.

Chapel and cross of La Croze Nébouzat

Human figures and animals are engraved all around the base. It is a representation of the Adoration of the Three Kings and a scene with musician and dancers. In the axis of the cross, on either side of the small niche, four hieratic characters are represented. To the right of the niche, a Virgin and Child wears a stylized crown, to her left is a standing male figure, arms along the body. On the other side of the niche, two male figures, the first of which seems to be holding an offering while the second is armed with a sword. On their right, two animals: a donkey and an ox. The scene therefore represents the Adoration of the Magi in the sheepfold. Above the animals, a figure, dressed in a short tunic, holds an object at arm's length, perhaps a shepherd's staff. On his right, another character represented half-length could be an angel; the third character is a musician holding a tambourine and a flute. On the lower register, four figures, also dressed in short tunics, seem to be dancing a farandole.

Nébouzat at the foot of the Chaîne des Puys

Nébouzat is also the commune of sheep summer pastures (Rava breed) at the foot of the volcanoes of the Chain of volcanic hills. The presence of these herds guarantees the maintenance of open and maintained landscapes and the diversity of the flora which flourishes in the summer pastures. Without sheep grazing, the meadows would be invaded by hazelnuts, birches, pines or broom, with a less diversified undergrowth in terms of flora, which in turn would give way to beech woods. Thus on the heights of the village of Récoleine, herds are still present as is also the case at the foot of the Puy de Dome. Formerly the shepherd stayed permanently with the animals and slept in a hut, some of which are still visible when you walk. 

An orientation table has been installed in Récoleine. Located on the site of the old chapel destroyed by lightning in 1946, it allows any walker a complete reading of the exceptional landscape that can be admired from this highest point of the town.

Your stay in Nebouzat

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