Mazayes has managed to preserve the authenticity and richness of its small heritage. This village is located at the foot of the Puy de Côme, to the west of the Chaîne des puys.

The village of Mazaye is located 750 m above sea level, it has 653 inhabitants.

The town of Mazaye is known for several reasons

It offers very beautiful courses of orienteering in the Cheire de Côme, a favorite training ground for professional teams, but also for amateurs. 
It is known for its production of dressed stones and its lava enamelling workshop. Volcanism is omnipresent since the town is characterized by an environment of volcanic cheire. A cheire is an old lava flow whose surface is particularly rough, chaotic and covered with thick forests. That of Como (9 km long, 2 to 3 km wide, and up to 130 m thick) corresponds to a pile of eight basalt flows with intercalation of layers of slag. At the heart of this cheire, the “signed stone” attracts attention. It is perhaps similar to the terminals, formerly numerous in the Chain of volcanic hills which marked the limits of seigniorial or religious domains which have now disappeared. Planted at crossroads or at the corner of a field, these stones were engraved on both sides with the coat of arms of the lord or other symbols.

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