Laqueuille is a peaceful village in the foothills of Sancy. It is famous for its blue-veined cheese: Bleu de Laqueuille.

The village of Laqueuille

Located at 1000 meters above sea level, this village has about 400 inhabitants. Its territory extends from the plateaus of summer pastures which border the Banne d'Ordanche (former volcano chimney – 1512 m) or the Guery to the limits of more wooded Combrailles.

Birth of Bleu d'Auvergne

The town of Laqueuille was made famous by its blue-veined cheese: Bleu de Laqueuille. The legend says that Antoine Roussel, farmer in Laqueuille, around 1854 would have invented the blue of Laqueuille. Having stored a loaf of bread and a piece of cheese in the drawer of the family farm table, after forgetting them for some time, the cheese would have turned blue on contact with the bread. Thus would have been born the penicillium, which gives its blue color to the cheese, and therefore the blue of Laqueuille.

Auvergne blue (PDO cheese) is only a descendant of Bleu de Laqueuille. A bust in memory of Antoine Roussel is visible in the village. But the village of Laqueuille was also talked about in the 1802th century because it was the period in which the highwayman Antoine Victor Mornac (1869-XNUMX) lived and raged. This character owes his sad fame to his acts of violence which made him a ruthless criminal who terrorized the Auvergne population for thirty years. Its misdeeds are diverse and could not all be proven, but are still known to most of the inhabitants of the commune. They are part of the collective memory.

A museum journey blue and blood, retraces the story of these two men.

Laqueuille is also known for its spring daffodil fields.
A few kilometers from the village, in the village of Trador, is the Trador waterfall.

Your stay in Laqueuille

Village map

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