The Saliens waterfall is located near the village of Nébouzat. Small relaxing walk.

Saliens waterfall in Nébouzat

Three distinct waterfalls

La Gigeole, a tributary of the Sioule, meets the Coulée d'Olby to the north, north/west of the town of Nébouzat. By forcing the passage it creates the Saliens waterfall. It is actually made up of 3 separate waterfalls, only a few meters apart. The most upstream is the most modest fall. The second is visible from a small promontory, while to enjoy the third you will need to do a bit of hiking and have good boots.    

The walls covered with vegetation offer a colorful and original setting.

Saliens waterfall in Nébouzat

Access to the Saliens waterfall

Access to the Saliens waterfall is either:

  • from the village of Saliens (on RD2089, towards Nébouzat, just after the roundabout)
  • from the Domes campsite.

Walking time: 20 min round trip.

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