The Sancy massif is home to unique and impressive natural sites. These tourist wonders include a few waterfalls. These Auvergne waterfalls are a destination of choice for hikers.

Our waterfall circuit

Discover our waterfalls circuit: 8 waterfalls to discover from the North to the South of the destination Auvergne VolcanSancy. It can be done in a day by car, about 80 kilometers one way. Of course, access to each waterfall is on foot.


Say Waterfall

Say Waterfall

La Say waterfall is a beautiful waterfall creating a creek strewn with rocks.

Access to the waterfall:

Between the place called La Miouze and the town of Gelles.
A path starts from the car park next to the sign.
Be careful, the descent and the surroundings of the waterfall can be slippery.
Walking time: 20 min round trip.

Waterfall of Say (Gelles)

Waterfall of the Saliens

La Saliens waterfall is located near the village of Nébouzat: a short exotic walk to appreciate the 3 falls.

Access to the waterfall:

  • from the village of Saliens (on RD2089, towards Nébouzat, just after the roundabout)
  • from the Domes campsite.
    Walking time: 20 min round trip.
Saliens waterfall in Nébouzat

Guéry waterfall

Perched at an altitude of 1250 meters, Lac du Guéry stands out as the highest lake in Auvergne. It is fed by the waterfall of the same name. This Puy-de-Dôme waterfall is fed by the Mortes du Guéry. This stream, meanwhile, has its source at the foot of Puy Gros. After a vertiginous fall of 12 meters, the cascade crashes against rocks. Surrounded by basalt columns, it reveals the raw side of nature. A 3 kilometer walk takes you to the level of its summit.

Access to the waterfall:

Departure from Cap Guéry Mountain Center.
Walking time: 1h45 round trip.
Follow the path marked with a yellow butterfly.

Waterfall of the dead of Guéry

Graille Waterfall

This waterfall in the heart of a valley shaped by Quaternary glaciers. On a sunny day, this magical place is an oasis of invigorating freshness. Be careful, the surroundings of this waterfall in Auvergne are not protected. To get there on a day trip, it is not necessary to be a seasoned walker. The walk will take you about 1h30 there and back. You just have to follow the blue path towards the waterfall. Puy-de-Dôme has some great surprises in store for you.

Access to the waterfall:

Park in the parking lot of the village of Lacoux (municipality of Perpezat).
Follow the circuit of the Graille Valley (blue markings), the waterfall will be below. Walking time: 1h30 round trip

Graille waterfall in Perpezat

Trador Waterfall

The little stream called Verdeix comes straight from the Banne d'Ordanche to flow into the Miouze. As the stream has thickened, at Trador it performs a majestic leap along a lava flow. Behind the curtain of water stand impressive basalt organs. Over the seasons, the colors of the Trador waterfall change from green to golden red.

Access to the waterfall:

Access to the waterfall is easily via a trail in about 30 minutes.
A car park is located at the Pont du Verdeix, about 1 km from the small village of Laqueuille in the direction of Saint-Sauves.

Trador waterfall in autumn.

Cascade St-Elisabeth

On its territory, the Tour d'Auvergne has no less than 3 imposing waterfalls. The St. Elisabeth waterfall is the most perilous, she descends 15 meters high performing 4 jumps before plunging into a circular pool, which she dug herself.

Access to the waterfall:

Take the RD 203 at the exit of La Tour d'Auvergne in the direction of Besse, then right in front of the Chauderie campsite. The site is equipped with a picnic area.

The Saint-Elisabeth waterfall at La Tour d'Auvergne

Waterfall of the Gour of horses

La Gour des Cheval waterfall is the most legendary. In addition to admiring its exceptional shape, discover the mysterious origin of its name.
The river crosses a large rock and forms two basins describing a large capital S.

Access to the waterfall:

Take the RD 203 at the exit of La Tour d'Auvergne towards Besse, take the path on the left after the La Chauderie campsite.

Family going to the Gour des Chevaux waterfall

Stone Bridge Waterfall

La Pont-de-Pierre waterfall is the most historic. Indeed, a Roman road passed at its feet. This Puy-de-Dôme waterfall also achieves a fall of 15 meters.

Access to the waterfall:

Take the D47 at the La Tour d'Auvergne exit towards Bagnols. Parking and a picnic area are nearby. Be careful when crossing the road.

Stone Bridge Waterfall

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