After climbing the Puy de Sancy (on foot or by cable car) you will discover a 360° panorama and a view of the Puys chain, the Cantal and Forez mountains.

The Puy de Sancy is one of the peaks that make up the Monts Dore, the highest of volcanic origin in Metropolitan France. It is the highest point of the Massif Central (1 m above sea level).

in the heart of the volcanoes


Access to its summit is done in different ways (pay attention to weather conditions and snow cover):

  • From Mont-Dore: by cable car then 20 minutes on foot or entirely on foot (about 3h30)
  • From Super-Besse: by cable car then 40 minutes on foot or entirely on foot (approximately 5h30)
  • From Chastreix-Sancy: on foot only (about 6 hours)
  • From the Chaudefour valley (Chambon): on foot only (about 6 hours)

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