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Musée de l'École Rurale d'Auvergne

A classroom like it used to be, which smells of chalk, real wood and old paper. At the Messeix rural school museum, people write in pen and purple ink ... It's time for black coats and galoshes ...
To better immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the school era of the 1930s,you will pass through the locker room where young and old will put on the black or gray blouse and high or low galoshes. Then everyone enters an authentic class of the 30s. A commentary adapted to the age of the audience on the history of Jules Ferry's school preceeds the practice of writing in purple ink ... The facilitator plays the role of teacher at the time of the "Hussars of the Republic" and very quickly the visitors get caught up in the classroom experience with smells of chalk, real wood and old paper. This visit ends with a page of writing in pen and purple ink. In the exhibition room adjoining the classroom, you will discover more riches. Objects that speak to you, from the celluloid baby doll to slate pencils and various collections of blotters, notebook covers and class photos. All these objects bear witness to the distance travelled since that time.
The association offers workshops to schools so that children can discover the objects and games of the past.

From 01/03 to 30/09/2022, daily.
Closed exceptionally on May 1st.

From 22/10 to 07/11/2022, daily.


30 rue Louis Aragon Bogros, ancienne école
63750 Messeix
E-mail : mera63@orange.fr
Tel. : 04 73 21 45 06
Website : http://www.musecole1930messeix.fr
Facebook : https://facebook.com/musecole1930messeix