Salers cattle, Rava sheep, marmots, mouflons etc.
protected animals in Sancy Artense.


In Sancy Artense, the main breed of cattle is Salers. The huge areas of grassland stretching over the plains are dotted, during summer, with brown and lighter-coloured marks: hundreds of cows and bullocks grazing on the soft grass. Breeding is centred on two products: milk for cheese production, Tomme du Cantal, Saint-Nectaire etc., and meat, which is also highly-prized.

Sheep and goats
During summer, on the upper slopes of the Banne d’Ordanche, hikers will come across plenty of herds of sheep, which graze here for several months (May to October). These Rava breed sheep are easy to recognise due to their white feet and heads, with black marks. They are a local breed, well-suited to the mountain climate.

Marmots and mouflons
Le Sancy is home to all sorts of wild animal species, including marmots, mouflons, chamois and otters.
Come and discover these protected wild animals; the tourist office organises
hikes with a highland guide during the summer in the Massif du Sancy.