Le Gour des Chevaux waterfall (La Tour d’Auvergne)

As you come out from La Tour d’Auvergne, towards Besse, around 400 m from the Sainte-Elisabeth waterfall lies another waterfall in the grassland over which stretches the River Burande.


The river crosses a large rock and forms two pools shaped like a large S. According to folklore, the waterfall on the Burande was given its name accidentally. And when did this occur? No-one knows!
On market day in the town, a horse trader came from Besse to buy some animals.
Business was very good for him on that day. As well as his own horse, he entrusted the innkeeper with five healthy animals he bought at the market.
As the grey and gloomy evening fell, together with a thick fog, the man tied the horses he had bought to the halter of his mount, got on the saddle and set off into the inky night. He was under the impression that the sound of the rumbling water of the waterfall would act as a guide. But he missed the ford, and his horse was quickly submerged and dragged onwards by the wild current, and with it went the other unfortunate animals which were unable to break from the halter. And the man too, of course. Trying to swim was useless. The raging waters dragged man and horses downriver, crashing onto the rocks of the waterfall before being carried further downstream. The following August, when the water level was at its lowest, a shepherd who was fishing for trout by hand from the big rocks suddenly cried out. Appalled, he had just noticed a human corpse stuck beneath some branches close to the bank. The farmer from la Chauderie discovered the bodies of six horses in various other places. So it was that people discovered about the sad plight of the horse dealer and his animals. The fatal ford ran a few metres above the waterfall. It was consequently given the name of Gour des Chevaux (gour = depths) and it stuck. Source: Millefouilles.



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Take the RD 203 at the Tour d’Auvergne exit towards Besse, turn left after the Chauderie campsite.

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