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Museum à Aubusson

La Cité de la tapisserie


Rue des Arts
23200 Aubusson

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At the International Tapestry City, ancient masterpieces rub shoulders with contemporary pieces of incredible modernity as well as projects for large hangings

Immersing young and old in the worlds of Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien and Japanese animated film director Hayao Miyazaki.
Inspired by the techniques of theater decor, the exhibition route offers a real immersion in the world of Aubusson tapestry.
The weaving workshop allows visitors to discover the gestures of weaving and to exchange with weavers.

The International Tapestry City was created in response to the inscription of the Aubusson tapestry in the Intangible Cultural Heritage by
UNESCO in 2009. This place dedicated to the influence of tapestry opened its doors in 2016 within the former National School of Decorative Art of Aubusson, completely restructured: 1200 m2 of exhibition, a platform for contemporary creation and innovation, a training centre, a nursery, a library / documentary resource center on tapestry, weavers' workshop for very large-scale weavings, or even the Mobilier national's tapestry restoration workshop.
The first 10 tapestries of the “Aubusson weaves Tolkien” project are exhibited at the heart of the course. A new space dedicated to the future
tapestry “The imagination of Hayao Miyazaki in Aubusson tapestry” was inaugurated in October 2020 and reveals behind the scenes of this adventure.

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