Partner 2024

Are you a partner of the Tourist Office? THANKS !
Find out now how to make the most of this partnership.

Master your news

Fill in your information (updated timetables, prices for the coming year, good quality photos, etc.) during campaigns to update the Apidae database. In particular, it powers the website, used by the general public but also our reception team! Also, we use this information to develop the oathprinted editions like the Activities and Discoveries Guide.

Something new or a last minute change!

Modification of opening hours, temporary closure, adaptation to weather conditions, program changes, etc.
Send us the information you want to modify directly.

If you are a host, please ensure availability is displayed…

In 2023, more than 35% of owners have not informed the new availability calendars made available to them by the Tourist Office.

Open Edit Calendar

Showing availability makes the journey easier for our customers!

The paper is over!

Not yet... In the meantime, partners have space on the displays of our reception offices in Orcival, Tour d'Auvergne (village) and Tauves. Do you print flyers or brochures? Send us your stocks at the start of the season or tell us what to do if you join a documentation distribution system (e.g. Touring Info Service).

Digital ? Too complicated…

We've all said it at least once!
The Auvergne VolcanSancy Tourist Office offers you the solution with free digital workshops. Anne selects the most relevant subjects to help you progress in your daily management of these tools. The intention is not to make you Community manager (online community manager in French) but pass on good practices to you and thus avoid missteps.
Online reviews, Facebook & Instagram, SEO, Google establishment profiles, photos... are essential subjects for tourism professionals: learn how to use them!

How do I publicize my event?

Summer 2023 diary cover

You are organizing an exceptional event, a concert, open days, a one-off visit…
Announce your event* in the Tourist Office diary.
* (The event must be punctual and take place in the Auvergne VolcanSancy territory).

Activate networks, on the web

AuvergneVolcanSancy Tourist Office
Join the Facebook group Actors of tourism in Auvergne VolcanSancy

The Tourist Office administers a private Facebook group reserved for Tourism stakeholders in Auvergne VolcanSancy. We are expecting more and more active people in this space.
Take advantage of this to relay your new products!

Activate networks, for real

David Gonthier
Launch of the 2023 summer season

Every year we organize a event which is intended to be friendly. This is an opportunity to meet other tourism professionals but also people involved in Auvergne tourism (elected officials, agents of territorial institutions, Tourist Office team, etc.).
Also, we are counting on you to meet the partners of the Tourist Office located near your establishment and try to set up partnerships between you!

Use the tools of your tourist office

Website, printed editions, entertainment program, social networks (Instagram et Facebook)... leverage these resources to promote your business and the experiences offered to your customers.

Stay in touch with the team

David Gonthier
The Tourist Office team

A question, a suggestion, some information…

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