Are you a ski and freedom lover? Do you want to discover virgin territories, alone, as a duo or with friends? Nordic ski touring in Auvergne is made for you!

This discipline combines the pleasure of sliding off the trails and discovering the panoramas of the Chaîne des Puys and the Sancy massif.

Discover how to practice Nordic ski touring.

Nordic ski touring

Nordic ski touring is the current version of skiing as it was invented and practiced since prehistoric times by the Nordic peoples. It's a practical and efficient way to get around snowy natural areas.

The backcountry skier uses the techniques of cross-country skiing and alpine skiing.

It allows you to immerse yourself in the heart of nature, combining the pleasure of skiing and the discovery of the territories. It is practiced off the marked trails.

Nordic ski touring is practiced on undeveloped natural snow-covered areas with low and medium slopes and on high plateaus.


Nordic hiking is practiced with skis of intermediate width between that of cross-country skis and alpine skis, fitted with metal edges and an anti-recoil system (scaled soles or retaining wax). Uphill, “sealskins” sometimes complete the skis. Boots and bindings leave the heel free allowing the natural flexion of the foot.

A mix of skiing and hiking.

Practice Nordic ski touring In Auvergne VolcanSancy

Even if the practice of Nordic ski touring is free, it is recommended to begin to approach the Nordic areas: Nordic domain of Guéry et the Stele-site full nature. You will find advice on the current conditions (weather and snow) and equipment rental, especially in the Nordic area of ​​​​Guéry.

Beginner ? The ideal is to be accompanied by the ski instructors which offer initiations (half-day or day) and even stays. They are mountain professionals, who will help you start the activity in complete safety!

Remember before you go there to find out about the weather forecasts, road conditions et snow cover. THE webcams installed at the start of the cross-country ski trails will also allow you to see the conditions on site in real time.

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