Between hiking, the pleasure of skiing and nature observation, cross-country skiing is a sport that offers unique sensations and is particularly suited to the beauty of the Sancy massif. Several cross-country ski resorts in the Massif Central will allow you to indulge in this practice, whether alone, with your family or as a couple. These spaces dedicated to cross-country skiing in the Sancy are also perfect for hiking in snowshoes. Discover the specificities of the cross-country ski resorts in Auvergne VolcanSancy and the information to know before setting off on an adventure.

Which cross-country ski resorts in Auvergne?

If you wish to practice cross-country skiing in the Puy-de-Dôme, you must orient yourself towards dedicated trails, offering trails with grooming and inclination adapted to this sport. In Auvergne VolcanSancy, very close to Sancy, cross-country skiing can be practiced in two resorts:

  • the cross-country ski resort of La Stèle, at La Tour d'Auvergne;
  • the Guéry cross-country ski resort.
cross-country skiing guery

La Stele station is a space located at the entrance to the Sancy Ouest Nordic ski area. It offers 165 kilometers of secure and marked trails. At the Stèle, you will also find other activities as well as equipment rental services, unusual accommodation and even catering. This cross-country ski resort 1 hour from Clermont-Ferrand also welcomes snowshoe enthusiasts and offers skating or classic cross-country skiing lessons.

As for the cross-country ski resort of Cap Guéry, located north of Mont-Dore, it is a smaller resort with preserved decor. If you leave from Cap Guéry mountain center, 5 trails are available for cross-country skiing near Sancy.

Consult snow cover of the two cross-country ski resorts in Auvergne as well as their safety protocols and the cross-country ski trail maps before planning your sports session!

Cross-country skiing in Sancy and Auvergne, and other activities

Our cross-country ski resorts in Auvergne offer you many other possibilities physical and recreational activities in the snow, with or without children. Of the toboggan runs are offered to you in particular: an essential playground if you are traveling with your family. You can also try your hand at nordic ski touring and snowshoes, especially if you like challenges and nature outings. Nordic skiing, dog sledding and pulkas are all ideas to explore during your stay in a cross-country ski resort in Sancy. Choose accommodation near the resort to make the most of your days at 100 per hour!

cross-country skiing in the nordic area of ​​guéry

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