Why is Auvergne perfect for orienteering?

An exceptional destination for lovers of courses and orienteering, Auvergne has many advantages for this fun activity. Indeed, with its grandiose landscapes, its preserved nature and its unique relief, it offers an ideal playground for experiencing thrilling adventures. Whether you are an experienced orienteering enthusiast, or simply curious to discover it, Auvergne will seduce you.

What is an orientation course?

Also called CO, orienteering is a sport of getting from one point to another using a map and a compass. Auvergne has a multitude of sites conducive to the practice of this discipline. Because for an exceptional orienteering race, the Puy-de-Dôme, with its famous volcano, is perfect. The department has breathtaking landscapes and varied orienteering routes. Whether on the wooded slopes or at the top of dormant volcanoes, you will be able to enjoy an exceptional panoramic view while indulging in your passion.

orienteering course auvergne

Why choose your orienteering course in Puy-de-Dôme?

One of the major assets of the region of Auvergne volcanoes is the presence of permanent orientation paths. These marked and maintained circuits are accessible throughout the year, allowing enthusiasts to train and improve at any time. They have difficulty levels adapted to all profiles, whether you are a beginner or an expert in the field. You will be able to choose routes adapted to your level and embark on exciting challenges.

Fun orienteering course

In addition to its exceptional natural setting, the region also offers events and competitions dedicated to orienteering as well as numerous other activites. All of this met bring together enthusiasts from all over the country, thus providing a unique opportunity to meet other fans of this sport and share moments of conviviality. Participating in a fun orienteering race in Auvergne with the family or in a more serious competition guarantees you unforgettable memories.

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