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Grotte de la Pierre de Volvic


2 Route du Pont Jany
63530 Volvic

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Immersion in the heart of a lava flow
Explore this former Volvic stone extraction gallery and dive into the world of quarry workers at the start of the 20th century.
A vibrant 1h15 stroll in the form of Scénovision®.

Located in the heart of the tectonic high place “Chaîne des Puys – Faille de Limagne” listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, the Volvic Stone Cave takes you on a journey to the heart of the lava flow of the Nugère volcano.
The independent visit in the form of Scénovision® will reveal all the secrets of this gallery exploited for its Pierre de Volvic since the 13th century. The voice of Jules Cotte, foreman of Jean Legay-Chevalier, one of the most important quarrymen of the 1900s, will guide you throughout your progression in this cavity sculpted by years of exploitation, over 5 spaces:
- The quarry and the construction site: dive into the world of quarry workers at the beginning of the 20th century. The work in an open-air quarry and its operation are revealed to you,
- Lava and water: Discover the geological origin of the cave and the discovery of water,
- The beginnings of extraction: in the heart of this exceptionally large gallery, the underground exploitation and uses of Volvic stone are explained to you.
- Daily life in Volvic: near the wash house, the women will relive their daily life in Volvic in the early 1900s.
- The Eternal Stone: this space reveals today's talents. A modern room that gives voice to the craftsmen and artists who carve, shape and sculpt this stone today.

The initial course has been enhanced with new visual and sound effects in 2022!

New: Santa's Grotto for December 2023.
Embark on a magical and festive journey
Discover the world of Santa’s elves, thanks to the adventure of “Wooden Paws”. Broken “Wooden Paws” can no longer make music and finds himself ostracized. By chance, he will cross paths with some blundering little elves who take him back to their village. Candy factory, gift warehouse and maybe even a meeting with Santa Claus, Wooden Paws will live an astonishing experience and you will be the main spectators...

Further information :
Audio-guided tours (sound narration) suitable for all audiences: schools, associations, families...

Bring warm clothing - cave temperature: 10°C.

Portrait :
Dive into the heart of the lava flow of the Nugère volcano:
The Cave of the Volvic stone will reveal to you this gallery exploited for its Volvic stone from the 13th century. A visit of 1H15 in autonomy, in the form of Scénovision.
Over the course of 5 stages, discover the universe of the quarrymen at the beginning of the 20th century who contributed in particular to the discovery of the source of the waters of Volvic.

Promotional offers :
1 free entry to choose from 4 tourist sites, on presentation of your ClermontPass 72h.

Tips and Suggestions :
A free entrance to the Cave of the Stone on presentation of the Terra Volcana pass

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  • In the countryside
  • In forest


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Opening hours from February 07 to October 15, 2023
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Opening hours from October 23 to January 07, 2024
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Exceptional closure(s): October 10, 2022


Pricing Min. Max.
9 $ -
7 $ -
Adult group
8.1 $ -
Children group
6.3 $ -

The Grotte de la Pierre de Volvic offers you a joint pass with the Volcan de Lemptégy (located 20 minutes away). The latter allows you to access preferential rates:
Adults: from €18.10 to €22.50
Children: from 14.40 € to 18.45 €
Groups from 30 people: from €16,60 to €19.50 for adults and from €14.30 to €16.30 for children.

Free for less than 5 years.

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  • Recreational leisure
  • Tourist cave / Other developed natural sites

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  • Adapted benefits for mental impairment
  • Wheelchair accessible with assistance
  • Accessible for self-propelled wheelchairs
  • Possibility to drop someone off in front of the site

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