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Art et Nature au lac de Servières

Discover Lake Servières in a different way during an “art and nature” workshop.
You will learn to take an aesthetic look, to play with natural materials, shapes and colors, to understand the mineral-plant-animal world, and to position yourself in a daily life that respects the natural environment.

During the walk, you will have nature experiences and you will collect elements to create ephemeral creations in and with nature.

Minimum age: 7 years old

Distance: maximum 3 km (elevation gain less than 100 meters)

Animation: Vincent Amaridon – Wild Pose
Further information) :
Bring shoes suitable for walking, clothing suitable for the weather, a notebook and a pencil.


Duration of the session: 120 min

Customer base

Special family with children
Minimum age required: 7 years
Maximum group size: 20

Cultural activities

  • Water
  • Environment / Sustainable development
  • Flora and fauna


Opening hours on July 18, 2024
ThursdayOpen from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.


Further information) :
Upon reservation.



Home animals

Pets are not accepted


Lake Servieres
Lac de Servières car park (parking at the top in front of the hostel)
63210 Orcival
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