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Le lac de Guéry au crépuscule

As the sun sets, the mood of the lake changes. The luminosity decreases, the lake becomes darker, the noises more intense. Between dogs and wolves, we will discover the lake, the forest, a waterfall and a breathtaking landscape.
Easy walk of approximately 4 km, 60 m elevation gain

Audience: adults and children from 6 years old

Animation: Pierre André, Nature Auvergne
Further information) :
Provide walking shoes and clothing adapted to the weather conditions.

Location accuracy

  • Lake or body of water within 300 m
  • At the water's edge


Duration of the session: 120 min

Customer base

Special family with children
Minimum age required: 6 years
Maximum group size: 20

Cultural activities

  • Flora and fauna
  • Environment / Sustainable development
  • Water


Opening hours on July 31, 2024
WednesdayOpen from 20 a.m. to 22 p.m.


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On reservation



Home animals

Pets are not accepted

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Guery Lake
63240 Mont-Dore
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